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Call me Aphrodite [C R Wills] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Aged 13 and alone in London, Aphrodite has lost her memory.
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Your feet, your shoulders, hands where are they? And your colour and your shape, and, while I'm speaking, everything? Ye Gods, why don't you turn me too into a snake? All who were there--and courtiers were there--were terrified; but she caressed and stroked her crested dragon's long neck, and then suddenly there were two, their coils entwined. They crawled for cover to a copse nearby; and still, what they once were, they keeping in mind, quiet snakes, that neither shun nor harm mankind.

But ample solace for their altered shape they both found in their grandson [Dionysos], conqueror of India, worshipped in the new-built shrines of Greece. Statius, Thebaid 2. Mozley Roman epic C1st A. The Lemnian [Hephaistos], so they of old believed, long time distressed at Mars' [Ares'] deceit and seeing that no punishment gave hindrance to the disclosed armour [with his wife Aphrodite], and the avenging chains removed not the offence, wrought this for Harmonia [the child born of the armour] on her bridal day to be the glory of her dower.

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The work first proved its worth, when Harmonia's complaints turned to dreadful hissing, and she bore company to grovelling Cadmus, and with long trailing breast drew furrows in the Illyrian fields. Statius, Thebaid 3.

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Statius, Thebaid 4. Nonnus, Dionysiaca 1. Rouse Greek epic C5th A. I will give you ample recompense for your service, two gifts: I will make you saviour of the world's harmony, and the husband of the Lady Harmonia. Nonnus, Dionysiaca 2. Kadmos, you have crowned the gates of Olympos with your pipes! Then I will myself celebrate your bridal [to Harmonia] with heaven's own Harp. I will make you goodson to Ares and Kythereia Cytherea [Aphrodite]; gods shall be guests at your wedding-feast on the earth! I will visit your house : what more could you want, than to see the King of the Blessed touching your table?

Nonnus, Dionysiaca 3. Then Kypris Cypris [Aphrodite] spread out a back of silent calm where no ship could sail, for she meant to unite Harmonia to her mate. She had the form of a mortal woman, and like a household drudge, she carried a weight pressed against her bosom by her arm, a rounded silver jug which she had filled with drink from the spring: a presage of things to come, since they drench the bridegroom by time-honoured custom with life-giving water in the bath before the marriage.

He was now close by the city. Peitho covered Kadmos with a dark mist from heels to head, and led him through the unseeing city in search of the king's hospitable hall, guiding his way by the Paphian's [Aphrodite's] command. There some bird, perched under the delicate shadow of a gray olive-tree,--it was a crow, she opened her loud beak inspired, and reproached the young man for a laggard, that the bridegroom walked to his bride Harmonia with dawdling foot.

Eros Love is a quick one, and knows nothing of slow bride-grooms! Forgive me, Peitho Persuasion --your Kadmos dallies, Aphrodite is in haste! Hot Eros Love calls you, bridegroom--you plod along like a laggard, and why? Peitho is your guide, not Artemis, Peitho the friend of marriage, the nurse of the baby Erotes Loves. Cease your toiling and moiling, enjoy Harmonia and leave Europa to her bull! Make hast, and Elektra Electra will welcome you; from her hands sure enough you will be laden with a cargo of wedded love, if you leave the business part of the delights to Aphrodite. She is the Kyprian's Cyprian's daughter, guarded for your bride-chamber, another Kypris Cypris for you to receive.

You will thank the crow, and you will call me the bird of marriage, the prophet of the Erotes! No, I am wrong, Kypris inspired me; the Paphian made me foretell your nuptials. The mother did not nurse it--she was ashamed of the baby which told its own tale of the furtive bed; but away from the bosom of the sky she carried the suckling, lying in her arm, to the fostering house of Elektra [the Queen of Samothrake], when the childbed Horai Horae, Seasons had just delivered her baby still wet, when her breasts were tight and swollen with the gushing white sap.

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Elektra received the bastard daughter with equal rights, and joined the newborn girl on one breast with her newborn Emathion, held with equal love and care her two different nurslings in her arm. So Elektra then with loving breast foster-mothered her brace of newborn babes, the boy and the girl, and cherished them with equal care. Often she pressed to her with open hand and loving arm her baby son and his age-mate girl, on this side and that taking turns of the sap from her rich breast; and she set on her knees the manly boy with the womanly girl, letting out the gold of her lowered gown so as to join thigh parted wide from neighbour thigh; or singing songs for a sleep-charm, lulled both her babies to slumber with foster-mother's art, while she stretched her arm enclosing the children's necks, made her own knee their bed, fluttered the flap of her garment fanning the two faces, to keep the little ones cool, and quenched the waves of heat as the hand-made wind poured outs its breath against it.

While Kadmos sat near the prudent queen, into the house came Hermes in the shape of a young man, unforeseen, uncaught, eluding the doorkeeper with his robber's foot. From heaven I have been sent by your bedfellow [Zeus], the guests' protector ruling in the heights, on behalf of your own god-fearing guest.

Then do you also obey your Kronion, and let your daughter Harmonia go along with her yearsmate Kadmos as his bride, without asking for bridal gifts, Grant this grant to Zeus and the Blessed ones; for when the immortals were in distress, this stranger saved them all by his music [bewitching the monster Typhoeus]. This man has helped your bedfellow in trouble, this man opened the day of freedom for Olympos!

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Let not your girl bewitch you with mother-loving groans, but give her in marriage to Kadmos our Saviour, in obedience to Kronion Cronion [Zeus] and Ares and Kythereia [Aphrodite]. Nor did the Thrakian Thracian lady [Elektra Electra ], the pilot of the Kabeiroi Cabeiri , disobey his bidding; but she had respect to Zeus, and curving her extended fingers with a significant movement towards Ares' unwedded daughter, she beckoned Harmonia by this clever imitation of speech. The other strained the answering gleam from her eyelids, and saw the round of Elektra's face unsmiling, as her cheeks like silent heralds boded the heavy load of a new unspoken distress.

The maiden leapt up and followed her mother into her high-built chamber. Her mother rolled back the bolt of a sevennookshotten chamber sealed with many seals, and crossed the doorstone: her knees trembled restlessly in loving anxiety and fear. She caught and lifted the girl's hand and rosy arm with her own snow-white hand--you might almost say that you saw white-armed Hera holding Hebe's Youth's hand. But when treading the floor with her crimson shoes she reached the farthest curve of the resplendent room, Atlas' daughter seated the sorrowful maiden upon a handsome chair; then she in her turn sank upon a silver-shining stool, and declared Kronion's [Zeus'] message to the incredulous girl, and explained everything which she had heard from the Olympian herald disguised in human form.

When the maiden heard of this marriage of much wandering and this unstable husband, this homeless man under their roof, she declared she would have no stranger, and refused all that Kadmos' patron proposed on Zeus his father's behalf, that cattle-drover Hermes! She would rather have one of her own city as husband, and away with a carryhouse mate and a wedding without wedding-gifts!

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  • Do you join your own daughter to some upstart fellow like this? What gift will this sailor man put into my hand? Will he give me the ship's hawser for bride-price?

    I did not know you were for marriage with a vagrant--you, my kind nurse! I have others to woo me, and better ones, of our own city: why must I have a bedfellow with empty hands, naked and bare, a foreign vagrant, a runaway from his father?

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    But you will say he helped your husband Kronion. Why did not the man get from Zeus an Olympian gift of honour, if indeed he was defender of Olympos, as you say? Why did not Hera the consort of Zeus, betroth virgin Hebe to the champion of Zeus? Your husband Zeus who rules in the heights needs no Kadmos. Kronides Cronides forgive me--divine Hermes lied in what he said about Father Zeus. I don't know how I can believe that he neglected furious Ares the pilot of warfare, and called in a mortal man to be partner in the game--he the master of world and sky!

    Here is a great marvel--he locked up all those Titanes Titans in the pit, and then wanted Kadmos, to destroy only one! You know how my fathers wedded--two had their sisters. Zeus my father's father possessed the bed of his sister Hera, by the family rule of marriage; both the parents of Harmonia, Ares and Kythereia Cytherea [Aphrodite], who mounted one bed, were of one father, another pair of blood-kindred. What miserable necessity! Sisters may have a brother for bedfellow, I must have a banished man! But now tricky-minded Aphrodite girt her body in the heart-bewitching cestus-belt, and clothing herself in the love-robe of Peitho Persuasion she entered Harmonia's fragrant chamber.

    She had doffed her heavenly countenance, and put on a form like Peisinoe, a girl of the neighbourhood. What a handsome stranger you have in the house! What a man to court you, most blessed of women! What a lovely bedfellow you will see, that no other maiden has won! Surely his blood comes from Assyria!

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    That must be his home, beside the river of that enchanting Adonis, for that lovely young man came from Libanos Lebanon where Kythereia dances. No, I was wrong!

    I don't suppose any mortal womb bred Kadmos; no, he is sprung from Zeus and he has concealed his stock!