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But a very different result was found by Heather Rupp, a psychologist at Emory University in Atlanta who also uses eye tracking devices to record where subjects look. Rupp, along with Kim Wallen of the Kinsey Institute, did an experiment similar to Nielsen Norman's - except that this one used nude pornographic images downloaded from various Web sites.

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They showed heterosexual couples engaged in intercourse or oral sex. She used an eye tracking camera to compare the gaze patterns of 15 women on the pill, 15 not on the pill, and 30 men.

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She found that the women on the pill focused more on the background and context of the images while women not on the pill looked more at the male and female genitalia. And the women in both categories looked at the private zones more than the men, she reported last month in the journal Hormones and Behavior.

Aside from the different implications of the two surveys, why were Rupp's conclusions largely ignored and the Nielsen Norman findings broadcast everywhere?

Powerful Men Have Committed Carnal Crimes

Perhaps even in the world isn't ready to accept that the female brain is equipped to solve differential equations and perform matrix algebra but that, like the male brain, it sometimes gets caught up in sex and leads the eyes to the naughty parts. Anthony R. Wood writes about atmospheric conditions in "Weather or Not. Skip to content. Carnal Knowledge Whose gaze goes below belt?

Is Entertainment Authorized In The Life Of An Individual Christian?

Faye Flam, Inquirer Staff Writer. Take a look at George Brett. What do you see?

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This was not a peer-reviewed study and has not been replicated. Inquirer Morning Newsletter. Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved November 25, Rolling Stone. Wenner Media. Retrieved October 12, Retrieved June 26, Music Canada. British Phonographic Industry.

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Book Category. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. OU For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge Live: Right Here, Right Now The raw force of being and becoming, making as well as unmaking courses through these sculptures, which also incorporate glass, resin, epoxy and plasticine.

Their energy oscillates wildly between desperate and spent.

Carnal Knowledge | What fuels the hatred of homosexuality?

Limbs are entwined, tongues extended. Clay is rarely, if ever, this carnal. Some of the skin is mannequin-smooth but veined with cracks.

Some seeps a pink foam or a pale fecal flood. Erotic pleasure plays a part here, but is only one of many competing charges. Smythe is a sculptor of struggle. Primal forces contend in the work, as do various aesthetic and formal dispositions. The sobriety of the relic is countered by the whimsy of glass and resin follies.