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The clay is modelled as if it were the imagined shape of a breath of air, shortly after being exhaled from the artist's mouth, when the first part of it has just reached the ground. The frontispiece of the Essen catalogue is a drawing by Penone of a man blowing into a funnel, with the pattern of air breaking over the surface in front of him like waves. The top of the Tate Gallery's sculpture represents the cavity of the funnel into which he is blowing, and in the centre of this uppermost section is the shape of the interior of his mouth, squeezed into the clay, and so making positive the shape of the air coming from his throat.

Photographs in the catalogue show Penone taking a bronze cast of such a shape out of his mouth, to demonstrate what it represents. The impression along the side of the clay is of the artist's clothed body, as he leans forward to blow down to the ground. The Tate Gallery's version has the impression only of one leg, wearing jeans, as if he leaned forward on that one with the other stretched behind.

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The lumps at the edge of this impression represent billows of air rebounding from his body. An explanation by the artist in the Essen catalogue enlarged the association of his clay breath with that of a god in the act of creation:. Penone has often made works concerned with the direct impression of the human onto nature. The marks of the potter Penone compared also to the creation of man by God, since the creator's touch must leave his imprints on the surface of what he creates:.

The hand that modelled man has left upon him the prints filled by water and air as our movements vary. Indeed, air in filling the prints re-creates the maker's skin; the skin of whoever touches the man tends to acquire at that point the shape of the maker's skin.

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With the negative of his skin impression one can make an infinite number of positives, just as many positives as there will be contacts with the surface of the future. Giuseppe Penone , Kunstmuseum, Lucerne, , p. Main menu additional Become a Member Shop. Twitter Facebook Email Pinterest Share this page. In Tate Modern. Artist Giuseppe Penone born Original title Soffio 5.

Medium Clay.

Dimensions Object: x x mm. Collection Tate. I am not able to understand whether God exists or not. I have not experienced God. Please, you tell me. Perturbed mind can never go close to God. Also no knowledge sprouts up in a perturbed mind, and whatever knowledge sprouts up in such a state of mind is also wrong. You have come to the right place. Drop your concepts of God. Sit with your eyes closed and find out who you are. Are you this body? Are you this mind?

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Here she is! Prince of Breath Troll Male I'm just scrolling through all of these at this point tbh. He's ready! Send in the points and I'll post him c: by all means pls do I have plenty left :V. Here he is! If possible Thief of Breath, human, male.