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Star Trek Into Darkness Mass Market Paperback – October 29, by . Star Trek Movie Tie-In by Alan Dean Foster Mass Market Paperback $ Only 15 left in stock Legacies: Book 1: Captain to Captain (Star Trek: The Original Series).
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Tensions are running high in a region already crippled by conflict. The perpetrators are tracked to the Lembatta Cluster, a mysterious region of space whose inhabitants, the Renao, regard the Alpha Quadrant s powers as little more than conquering tyrants. The Federation are desperate to prevent more bloodshed, and have sent their most powerful warship, the USS Prometheus , into the Cluster to investigate the threat before all-consuming war breaks out.

Enterprise home to join in the fight. But in the hellish nebula known as the Pergamum, the stalwart commander instead finds an epic battle of his own, pitting ancient enemies against one another - with not just the Enterprise, but her crew as the spoils of war. Section 31, the covert organization that has operated without accountability in the shadows for more than two centuries, has been exposed.

Meanwhile, deep in the distant, unexplored region of space known as the Odyssean Pass, Picard and the crew of the Starship Enterprise must put aside personal feelings and political concerns as they investigate a massive, mysterious spacecraft. When Klingon commander Kruge died in combat against James T.

Kirk on the Genesis planet back in , he left behind a powerful house in disarray - and a series of ticking time bombs: the Phantom Wing, a secret squadron of advanced Birds-of-Prey; a cabal of loyal officers intent on securing his heritage; and young Korgh, his thwarted would-be heir, willing to wait a Klingon lifetime to enact his vengeance.

The powerful, long-awaited sequel to Yesterday's Son. Waves of distorted time are crashing through the universe - destroying everything in their path. Federation scientists pinpoint the source: the Guardian of Forever, the portal to the past where Spock had once journeyed back to meet his son, Zar. Featuring a dramatic reading by Leonard Nimoy and James Doohan, and enhanced with sound effects and an original score.

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Star Trek: Into Darkness : film tie-in novelization: Alan Dean Foster:

Here is the previously untold story of Captain Janeway's crew. They began as individuals, following very different pathways, but together, under the leadership of one remarkable woman, they have become one of the finest teams in the known universe - the crew of the Voyager. Read by Robert Picardo!

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In a world where women hold all the power and men have barely been an afterthought, an intrepid shipmistress must put aside everything she knows if she is to save her people. Bela is at the helm of the Sandcrow , a ship sent from calm seas to the far frozen north in search of a legendary power that could turn the tide of war. Locked into ice, the Sandcrow is lost. Now, for the shipmistress and her crew, a desperate voyage becomes a chilling struggle for survival against nature, fear, and prejudice.

As the Federation starship Voyager continues to lead the Full Circle Fleet in its exploration of the Delta Quadrant, Admiral Kathryn Janeway remains concerned about the Krenim Imperium and its ability to rewrite time to suit its whims. At Captain Chakotay's suggestion, however, she orders the fleet to focus its attention on a unique planet in a binary system where a new element has been discovered. Alexander Grant is a little too good at a few too many things.

Two dozen martial arts. Twice that many languages. Chess, the piano, sports, forging excused absences, you name it. He graduated high school top of his class Of course, no one knows any of this Are the kids asleep?

Stress-Free Returns

Are you willing to settle for an ordinary life? Or do you think you were meant for something better? Something special? One grew up in the cornfields of Iowa, fighting for his independence, for a way out of a life that promised only indifference, aimlessness and obscurity. The only question you face is, which path will you chose? The other grew up on the jagged cliffs of the harsh Vulcan desert, fighting for acceptance, for a way to reconcile the logic he was taught with the emotions he felt. In the far reaches of the galaxy, a machine of war bursts into existence in a place and time it was never meant to be.

On a mission of retribution for the destruction of his planet, its half-mad captain seeks the death of every intelligent being, and the annihilation of every civilized world. Kirk and Spock, two completely different and unyielding personalities, must find a way to lead the only crew, aboard the only ship, that can stop him. I loved this book.

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I wasn't even close to being a Star Trek fan, in fact I had only seen enough episodes to tell the difference between a Klingon and a Vulcan. However, after seeing this movie and listening to the book, I am so excited to learn more about Star Trek. I saw the movie before I listened to this book so it was just nice to have all of the gaps filled in where the movie just skimmed over poeple, places, and topics.

I would definitely recommend this book to any Star Trek fan or someone who just enjoys a good sci-fi book. Zachary Quinto, who portrays 'young Spock' in the movie, narrates and I think he did a great job! He did all of characters and background noises.. I hope he decides to read some of the other Star Trek books! This unabridged version is like listening to a special extended version of the movie.

It is well narated and would be an excellent listen before or after you hve watched the movie. This is a wonderful audio adaptation of the book. Zachary Quinto who plays Spock in the movie is a terrific reader.

Star Trek Into Darkness

His accents and voice qualities are perfect for each character and you really feel he knows all of the characters very well. I highly recommend this for serious Trekkers and for anyone who loves Star Trek or sci-fi. This was way better then the movie. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Waste Tide. In Stock. The Redemption Of Time. Lifel1k3 : Dev1at3 Lifel1k3 Book 2.

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Salvation Salvation Sequence : Book 1. Alphabet Squadron. Frankissstein : A Love Story. Fall, Or Dodge In Hell. The Warming. Nineteen Eighty-Four Penguin Essentials. The Road. His novel Shadowkeep was the first ever book adaptation of an original computer game. In addition to publication in English his work has been translated into more than fifty languages and has won awards in Spain and Russia. His novel Cyber Way won the Southwest Book Award for Fiction in , the first work of science fiction ever to do so.